Re: A gfellow ARD member needs YOUR HELP!

From: Bernie and Beverly Doucette (
Sat Mar 11 17:55:09 2000

To all members of the IAS:

A fellow ARD sufferer needs your help. At times it is helpful to reach out and help others who are suffering as well...even In the midst of our own suffering, if we can make their road a little bit easier, and what else are we on this earth for?

Mary Pomroy of Alberta Canada had recieved her second denial to come to the USA for medical intervention for her adhesions. Mary is very ill at this time and sufferring terrible pain from adhesions that have attached her liver and stomach to her diaphragm making breathing and eating very difficult for her. She also have massive adhesional attachments of the intestines. I realize that many of you are suffering as well, and you have my deepest sympathy, but one major difference in suffering here inthe USA verses Canada is that here we can make choices in who wee see as in receiving medical intervetion, Mary has no chopices in that matter as she is under a socialistic government insurance coverage...a government that has just indicated to her that it is not important that she have a laporoscopic adhesiolysis as that there is no " proof" that it differs from an adhsiolysis by laporotomy!!

If each one who reads this message would take a moment to address a letter to the: Re: Mary Pomroy Alberta Health of Alberta, Calgary, Canada

And share your story of why you feel there that there is indeed a major difference in which surgical procedure an adhesion former under goes! It is commonknowlegde that a laporotomy will indeed cause a greater amount of denovo adhesions due to the tissue distruction, verse the less invasive laporoscopic procedure! By coming together as a group of ARD sufferer's ourselves, with one voice, and we may just be able to influence the committee making this determination for Mary to approve her to come to the USA for medical intervention of a laporoscopic procedure....and as we all know...a chance to live a life without pain and suffering!

Please forward all e-mails to: <> All leters must be in by Wednesday, March 15th, 2000

Thank-you and God Bless each and everyone of you!


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