Re: chest pain-Toni / Helen

From: HAM.SUE (
Sat Mar 11 14:11:42 2000

Hi There , I also had that sort of constricting feeling in chest and back after surgery for months. I used to have to get up and sit in a hot tub to relax it. Not being able to take cuddling sure put distance in my relationship also - I tried to explain but it was like a foreign language to John esp when the medics kept saying there was nothing wrong. I found that acupuncture - and massage -really helps as did any exercise I could do as long as it was stretching and not jarring eg swimming and yoga. I put it down to fibromyalgia. even now 4 years out its there when I'm tired etc. Haven't posted for a long time. Finding charcoal tabs really good for adhesions pain assoc with bloating -- I sure know when I forget them! Thankyou so much to everybody who has posted their findings and experiences -- knowing I was not alone and it wasn't all in my head has allowed me to reclaim my life. I have now unsubscribed unfortunately as I find the numbers of e-mails coming through are swamping my time available to read them. I will look in from time to time though and wish you all well in your journeys. For me it has been to avoid abdicating my responsibility for myself into the hands of surgeons and Doctors, avoiding further surgery at all costs and learning to choose this life of mine and work with what I have. If anyone is interested go and do a course called the Landmark Forum. Between this Forum and that Forum I now have my life back. (There is alot of negative garbage on the net about the landmark forum being a cult and only in it for money and mind control etc but hey it worked for me --I don't care what anyone says!!). Love to you all and God Bless, Sue

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> toni welsh wrote:
> >
> > I have had alot of pain and burning in the same areas as you, but I was
> > contributing mine to smoking, that is why I went on Wellbutrin again. I
> > am wondering the same thing as you if it has anything too do with
> > adhesions.
> > Hi, I am not a smoker. So I know it's not from that. I woke up this
morning with alot of pain in my upper back around the shoulder blades. I also get these knots on my rib cage it like having a big charly horse > or leg cramp but it's in my ribs and upper back. I have a wonderful
> husband that likes to cudle but I can't stand to let him put his arms
> around me in bed because when he put is arms around my ribs it hurts to
> much. I also get pain in my left arm that ackes like bone hurts. And
> when the pain in realy bad I don't have very much strength in it.
> I thought if I had gerd I would have burning in my throut and burping.
> I've never had any problems with this. No acid reflex at all. Can you
> still have gerd without these problems with it? Anybody? Alice Long
> Tulsa, OK

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