effects of narcotics

From: toni welsh (twelsh1@hotmail.com)
Thu Mar 9 20:23:22 2000

Good evening all, I was wondering what the narcotics taken for a long period if time is doing to the rst of our organs. I know I am losing more weight, it has been 6 days since a bowel movement, and I have taken, like th GI dr said I having been taking, 2 tablespoons the first night, 3 of them the second night, and tonight, I had taken four tablspoons. I hope this works tomorrow. I cannot afford to go through all that pain over the weekend. That is our bussy time , I am looking forward to something we ordered a new sofa and loveseat, and my husband and son are going to pick it up after they get off work.

I was wondering, I know they did a small bowek follow throguh on me last year, but some people ask me since I am losing so much weight, if I have crohns disease, they know my son has it and my sister, I wonder if there is such a thing as having such a small case of it, if it possible to diagnose. The second GI dr freaked out when he found out about my son and sister. My sister has already had some polps (SP) Just ccurius, she feels better than I do, my stoamch was very upset after I had fallen asleep on the sofa,last night, and the same today. I have had the same pain and alot of pressure in the lower abdomen, it hurts so bad and no BM! I should go tomorrow, I had better!!!!

I will talk to you all tomorrow, looks like alot of you all are busy, I think I am gonna crawl under the covers. I will have to miss the news tonight.

Take care all, goodnight Toni

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