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Thu Mar 9 16:52:38 2000

At Thu, 9 Mar 2000, Karen Kaplan wrote: >
>How can you take Welbutrin and deal with the constipation? I have only been
>able to take one Slow Release per day for the past couple of months because
>if I go back to 2, the constipation is worse than the depression or smoking.
>I get pains in my upper right chest and upper left back - I just figure it's
>either referred pain or the adhesions are on my liver, kidneys, and outside

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>> I have had alot of pain and burning in the same areas as you, but I was
>> contributing mine to smoking, that is why I went on Wellbutrin again. I
>> am wondering the same thing as you if it has anything too do with
>> adhesions.

I am wodering the same thing, I had no adhesions in upper , everything was in the pelvis, but after the last surgery I wonder if it could have spread up into those areas, I naver aske dthe drs about it, I am getting disgusted, I have taken Milk of magnesia two nights in a row and the cramps are killing me. The pullign pain is rael bad today, Asfar as constipation with wellbritrin, It does not matter NOTHING as chaged , I take oxycontin and Trazadone and they say they are VERY constipating, too.

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