Re: Hydrocodone for pain

From: kay (
Thu Mar 9 07:17:58 2000

I too, take hydrocodone(Lortab) for pain. My family doctor prescribed it when I first sought help for this pain(abdominal). I was determined to get to the bottom of my problem when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in '98. Well, that put a hold on seeking help for my pain and I have been on it ever since as needed for pain. My gastroenterologist will not give pain meds: she told me if I needed pain meds often then I needed surgery. Well I saw two different surgeons and neither one would touch me because of previous surgeries(5) and they knew I probably had adhesions. So here I am living day to day waiting for some help. This forum has educated me enough to know that I will wait for a better adhesion barrier before I attempt surgery to correct the problem.


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