Re: chest pain-Toni / Helen - Alice

From: Karen Kaplan (
Thu Mar 9 07:00:23 2000

Sorry Alice, no advice but I am starting to wonder when the AMA will prosecute us for practicing medicine without a license! Not that we don't do a better job than those who have one! (sometimes) Have you discussed these symptoms with your PCP? Have you had a bone scan or CATscan? Karen

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> toni welsh wrote:
> >
> > I have had alot of pain and burning in the same areas as you, but I was
> > contributing mine to smoking, that is why I went on Wellbutrin again. I
> > am wondering the same thing as you if it has anything too do with
> > adhesions.
> > Hi, I am not a smoker. So I know it's not from that. I woke up this
morning with alot of pain in my upper back around the shoulder blades. I also get these knots on my rib cage it like having a big charly horse > or leg cramp but it's in my ribs and upper back. I have a wonderful
> husband that likes to cudle but I can't stand to let him put his arms
> around me in bed because when he put is arms around my ribs it hurts to
> much. I also get pain in my left arm that ackes like bone hurts. And
> when the pain in realy bad I don't have very much strength in it.
> I thought if I had gerd I would have burning in my throut and burping.
> I've never had any problems with this. No acid reflex at all. Can you
> still have gerd without these problems with it? Anybody? Alice Long
> Tulsa, OK

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