Re: chest pain-Toni / Helen

From: floyd and alice long (
Thu Mar 9 06:53:01 2000

toni welsh wrote: >
> I have had alot of pain and burning in the same areas as you, but I was
> contributing mine to smoking, that is why I went on Wellbutrin again. I
> am wondering the same thing as you if it has anything too do with
> adhesions.
> Hi, I am not a smoker. So I know it's not from that. I woke up this morning with alot of pain in my upper back around the shoulder blades. I also get these knots on my rib cage it like having a big charly horse
or leg cramp but it's in my ribs and upper back. I have a wonderful husband that likes to cudle but I can't stand to let him put his arms around me in bed because when he put is arms around my ribs it hurts to much. I also get pain in my left arm that ackes like bone hurts. And when the pain in realy bad I don't have very much strength in it. I thought if I had gerd I would have burning in my throut and burping. I've never had any problems with this. No acid reflex at all. Can you still have gerd without these problems with it? Anybody? Alice Long Tulsa, OK

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