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From: Dana (
Wed Mar 8 20:32:45 2000

I, too, was told that Xanax is one of the most addictive drugs available when I had to use it briefly to deal with overwhelming anxiety. My pcp told me that he is also a drug counselor and finds that Xanax is one of the hardest drugs to get people off of. Definitely use with care, but if you need it - you need it!! To pain free days - Dana

At Wed, 8 Mar 2000, Karen Kaplan wrote: >
>I know you have too much else to deal with, but Xanax is addictive. I had
>to go through a supervised stepdown withdrawal last summer, and it was
>rough, especially the last week and the two weeks after the last tiny pill.
>Just a warning from when you are hopefully post-operative and not on
>Xanax is also a depressant. However, for many people ,it really helps.
>Just a warning - I didn't know until I tried to stop after only ten days.

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>> Karla,
>> Glad my experience could help. It helps so much to know that I am not the
>> only one suffering. I have been through the worst two months suffering
>> finding the right doctor. I live in Florida and it seems as soon as the
>> doctors see my videos of my last two surgeries they say they will not go
>> there. I am going back to California to Dr. Nezhat, who helped me before.
>> just have to stay strong enough for another three weeks and then know I
>> get the care I need. I have seen four doctors here who all say my case is
>> too extreme for them. I am lucky to have a good GP who will give me
>> I want to keep my strong and pain free until the surgery. I know what you
>> mean about the bowel movements. They made me have one of those stupid
>> tests and six days later I have still not passed any. Has this ever
>> to you? I feel like I am full of cement. A friend in Alaska who just had
>> her third adhesion surgery this year just told me about a new prescription
>> laxative which she says works wonderfully without any harsh chemicals or
>> cramping pain. It is called Miralax. Has anyone tried this and what do
>> think of it? I am going to ask my GP about it. I have had good luck so
>> with Vicoden, although it makes me speedy instead of relaxed so I am also
>> taking Xanax twice a day and this is helping. I have not eaten in two
>> now, just liquids to avoid a bowel obstruction and my weight is getting
>> ridiculously low. My adhesions have not only completely glued up my bowel
>> but have also attacked my stomach and I have vomiting every night. The
>> doctor says it is because when you are laying flat (as like sleeping) it
>> causes it to flow back upward and this causes the vomiting. Getting
>> to understand what this is like is impossible. My in-laws think their
>> son got stuck with a reject, sickly wife, thank God he is supportive and
>> sticks with me. I hope you find some relief and have more good days than
>> bad. Thanks for writing, this waiting for the surgery is the worst. Are
>> considering more surgery? Ginni

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