Re: just lonely & smoking

Tue Mar 7 19:57:37 2000

Karen: No, I've never tried the patch before, have been thinking about it, tho. I didn't know nicotine triggers hot flashes, just what I need more hot flashes! But I guess I really don't have to worry much about that, if I'm out you hase to be outside to smoke anyway. And at home I can always take off & put on clothes at will. You think you're percerse re smoking! I once told my boyfriend (who doesn't smoke) that Iif I stop smoking, I'll eat from boredom. And I'd rather have cancer than be fat. He didn't particularly care for that comment. But at the time I was feeling like a troll out of his cave.

What kind of do you do, Karen?

Tired in NY, Karla B.

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