Re: hydrocodone for pain? or aspirin?

From: karen kaplan (
Tue Mar 7 17:05:55 2000

Karla: I use enteric coated aspirin for pain (500 mg of Arthritis strength Bayer)- the coating causes it to be digested in the small intestine and i make sure i take digestive enzymes once a day so it will digest. I've always had good luck with aspirin though I now worry that it may cause some bleeding, which means more adhesions. can't win. Two weeks after my hysterectomy, the sadist wrote a Rx for Motrin, ignoring my comment that it wouldn't work. She had always ignored my point that I have trouble digesting hard tablets which caused other post-op problems. The Motrin destroyed my stomach lining that night (yes, I took it with food). The sadist said to me the next day: "Why don't you go to the drugstore and see what you can find" This is 14 days after she guts me like a fish - a 9" scar and has under-medicated me for pain since I came out of recovery. I spent 5 days dragging myself to drugstores to try things. Because my stomach was a mess from the Motrin, I tried various Tylenol for a few days, with very little relief. Finally, I remembered that my father, who had terrible arthritis his whole adult life, rest his soul, had used the enteric coated aspirin to spare his stomach. I had to take the max: 4000 mg/day for more than 5 weeks until the pain became bearable. now i take maybe 500 mg per day, mostly to have the pain go away long enough for me to forget what that sadist (polite term) did to me. I am lucky my pain is mostly bearable, except for the reminder of the trauma. Karen

>Martha: I'm at the point where nothing short of an opiate pain pill is the

>only thing that works, & at that, not all the time. I've been on Darvocet,

>Fiorocat, Trazadone for pain.. The worst side-effect of all of these is
>constipation (which none of us needs),but the alternative is not acceptable!

>I just take Senokot-S (w/stool softener) to keep up what little BMs I have.

>I've had absolutely NO relief from analgesic drugs (Motrin, Alever, Advil),

>they're just a waste of my money. They've also had me on Ponstel, Naproxyn
& >others I cannot remember now. I've never heard if hydrocodone before. Could

>you post what king of drug class it's in & how many mg.s/day you take to
>alleviate your pain. Thanx!
>Karla B.

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