just lonely

From: toni welsh (twelsh1@hotmail.com)
Sun Mar 5 18:23:47 2000

I guess I am alittle lonely tonight. I was wondering how everyone has been? There hasn't been alot of activity here, and was worried about you girls. I am just sitting here after a long day at the flea market, we made almost $500.00. I know it is worth it, I will just have to relax for a few days. I am going to the pain clinic to be hypnotized for smoking, if this does not work, there is no chance.

I ordered a new sofa and loveseat and it will be in on Friday, so something to look forward to. I am always changing with the estate sales we go to, and now I will not ever cahnge my coffe table and end tables, everything I buy will be for resale. I get too confused changing all the time.

I hope everyone is okay, and will be back tomorrow. Mt husband should be home soon. My son is never home, so I guess he will be home tongiht, he stays with his girlfriend alot, and she is leaving for Spain for 2 weeks soon. That will be the most I will see him in awhile, I am hoping he gets married soon, I am looking forward to grandchildren.

Take vare all, Toni

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