Re: hydrocodone for pain?

From: Tara S (
Sat Mar 4 22:40:45 2000

I've only been taking Lortab for a couple of weeks. It does nothing for me, I'm afraid. When I first started taking it, it made me sick whether I ate or not. Now, it no longer makes me throw up, but it doesn't ease the pain AT ALL. Still, I keep on taking it in hopes it will do something eventually (it stopped making me sick, right), but I only have 3 left, so I guess by now it hardly matters.

Is it just me? Most of the pain killers I've ever been given do that - no help with pain, and they make me sick. And of course, many make me stupid.


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Hi, I posted the last of Feb and appreciate the replys from everyone especially the indepth info from Helen D. Thanks--this helps so much.

I am sure the pains & discomfort that I have been experiencing are due to adhesions that have occured after a hysterectomy a year ago Janurary.

My questions are: Do any of you take hydrocodone (lortab) for adhesion related pain? I have taken this for quite some time.Before my surgery for the pain caused by endo/adeno/etc. Then for post op pain relief. But I was never able to quit them due to continuing pain episodes since my surgery. Is this okay to use long term? I know it is addicting...yet it eases the pain so much and makes it possible to lead an active lifestyle. I racewalk and teach spinning at the YMCA. What other pain medications seem to work for you all? Have any of you had to remain on narcotics long term? Thank-you for listening and please reply and let me know what medicines & effects of you have knowledge of.

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