Re: Quality of Life..Karen

From: chris (
Sat Mar 4 10:48:30 2000

Dana, I have never had endo, what caused my was I had a abdominal hyst. and got a abscess a few days later, and after that cleared up I started right side pain and had another surgery to take out the right ovary and about 3 weeks after that surgey I started pain on my left side and about 2 years later had my left ovary and at that surgery the adhesions were very bad. >At Fri, 3 Mar 2000, Dana wrote
>Thanks for your message. I did see my surgeon and he was more than
>happy to answer all my questions. I didn't really grill him - just had
>a few questions regarding the surgery. He believes I will be fine -
>thinks I will fully recover and have no pain. He said that during my
>last surgery, the colon was stuck to the abdominal wall. He says that
>will cause pain and trouble later. He said he reconstructed my omentum
>so that if I did develop further adhesions, they would stick to that
>fatty layer and still be able to move rather than being stationary.
>He did use the word "crazy" when describing people that contribute all
>their pain to adhesions. I wanted to ask him if he had ever even HAD
>abdominal surgery, as he is a fairly young physician. It is very
>But anyway, no I do not have endo, just adhesions due to surgeries. I
>am trying to keep a positive attitude as I know there is a definite
>mind-body connection.
>Have most of the women on this forum had endo?? Take care - Dana

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