Re: new to forum..

From: Janet (
Sun Jan 30 17:13:17 2000

At Sun, 30 Jan 2000, Lisa wrote: >
>Hello everyone!!! Finally, a place where i can go and talk about what i
>am or listen to what someone is experiencing. It has been a rough road
>to recovery, but one day soon i hope to be pain/adhesion free. There is
>hope!I have had 9 surgeries,put through all those horrible tests, and
>finally had a hysterectomy. I thought it might end there, but
>unfortunatly, they have returned. It is a wonder how much pain a person
>can live through. If anyone would like to talk,write me back! Have a
>pain free day!! Lisa o

Welcome to the forum Lisa and Roberta,

compared to both of you I havent had that many surgeries (1 appendectomy,2laps,1laparotomy,hyst and bso with bowel resection- and my pain has returned as well.

And yes Roberta I too get those electic shock pains across my absomen without warning.

Its amazing how much we are able to cope with and equally amazing how little the medical profession can help us.

my love to you both you will find a wealth of support and information here love Janet

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