Newbie Sticking It Out

From: Roberta (
Sun Jan 30 00:33:09 2000

In my efforts to learn more about adhesions, I found this site with great relief! I'm a young 42 year old mother of 3 grown kids. I've had over 12 abdominal surgeries dating back to when I was 16. The first was for removal of my healthy appendix and a ruptured ovarian cyst. What followed were: 3 C-Section deliveries (77, 81 & 84), 1 laperoscopy surgery for eptopic pregnancy (83), 1 full hysterectomy & removal of endometriosis (85), 5 laperoscopies for lysis of adhesions (94, 95, 96, 98, 99) and 3 laperotomies (94, 96, 99). In between those years I experienced severe pelvic pain and problems with my bladdar. I've been diagnosed with Intersticial Cystitis, which is a painful bladdar disease, along with recurring scar tissue. After each surgery I get temporary relief from the major pain symptoms and severe spasms. But, as in this last surgery 2 months ago (which was the worst surgery of all), the symptoms begin to come back after about 30-60 days. What if anything on cutting edge medicine is out there to help prevent future lysis surgeries? I experienced complications from a nick to my bowels and an infection that slowed my recupperation. I'm deathly afraid of another surgery but the odds are against me. Is anyone seeing any benefits of natural treatments and or homeopathic remedies? I would be real curious to know if alternative treatments are working for anyone? Feel free to email me if you have any suggestions. I also experience pretty powerful spasms that feel like electrical shocks. The MD's call them myclonic spasms. I know they're from the adhesisons. Just wondering if anyone else does also? So glad to have found you. Thanks for being here! RB

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