Hi, I missed yall & I'm back

From: Teresa Hunt (msmoose@mail.com)
Tue Jan 25 14:55:11 2000

Over the holidays things got real hectic and I pushed myself to make a good hoilday season for the family, it was. I still go to the pain clinic I have had 4 sympathic nerve blocks, the next one will be the 22nd of Feb. Believe it or not they are starting to help. Now if they continue to helpis the biggie. If not the next step is a morphine pump. That's all I need are more drugs. NO doctor will talk to me about surgery. The doctor who "had" me on the waiting list for the O so famous INTERGEL TM has yet to return my call to see what his great idea will be now.Who know's???? I have an appointment with the SS office next week to go through the endless cycle of be turned down for a disease that few even know exist. The pain is stilll there. The meds help, but what about life with out meds? what about the quality of life I once knew? I am happy to hear of Peggy's great sucess. I am just as saddened by the loss of Christine. I took my son to a general surgeon a couple of weeks ago and discussed lysis with him as he removed a cyst from my son's thigh. HE told me to stay with the pain clinic and off the operating table. ALL lysis of adhesions are "scam surgeries". When I told the mileage I had to travel to find a doc to even consider surgery he said that's why? No "GOOD" doctor will perform surgery if it will only make things worse. At that time he told me of a woman who insisted on lysis of adhesions and she died as a result of the surgery. I don't believe it was Christine because he spoke as though she was from here. The time frame was correct. So that makes 2 down because of this dreaded disease. How many more have to die before we are reconized? I pray death is over due to this disease, but somehow I can't believe it. May God bless us all and soon there may be a cure or at least a way of fixing us to the point of NO MORE PAIN!!! I have rambled as usual and I apologise. Thanks for listening and as Peggy always said "friend who stick together" I love it it the stickin that keeps us comin back for more. Welcome to all of those who have joined while I was away. Teresa

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