Re: UNUM & Others

From: Linda Ehler (
Sun Jan 23 19:30:12 2000

Hello everyone. I feel very compelled to give all of you this information. If many of you have heard of these web-sites, please forgive.. I believe it will be of great help with LTD, SS and general help from others who have been through many of these processes. Some is CFIDS related but can be for our use too. Thanks. I'm very grateful for all who have shared.

(An ER Drs. fight with UNUM and helping all others)

(Medical Information Bureau) Where most Insurance Companies go for our medical information. Might want to request a copy of yours!

(good lawyers list from CFIDS)

(Lawyers highly regarded)

(TONS of info here. I put in UNUM and nothing came up. Then I scrolled down and used the Amazon search engine and Infoseek and tons came up.)

(Great Smokies Diagnostic Lab) Tests we often need and can't find

(heartwarming site about chronic pain)

(tons of info on everything here)

(tons here)

(tons here too)


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