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From: Helen Dynda (
Wed Jan 19 18:16:53 2000

Oops! I forgot to give the website address. Here it is:

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At Wed, 19 Jan 2000, Helen Dynda wrote: >
>I happened upon this article today; and I thought that some of you might
>be interested in reading it. It has been written by a registered nurse
>from the St. Charles Medical Center Endometriosis Treatment Program,
>which is located in Bend, Oregon.
>In this article she says, "I believe there is a new kind of healthcare
>recipient already emerging. They are refusing to be victimized, are
>recruiting both personal and high-tech help, and /or have developed
>communication skill sets that shift the balance between recipient and
>provider (showing the provider the way without offense and without
>acknowledging what they are really doing)."
>"Patients are becoming self-need focused; asking for what they want,
>need, feel, and think, using "I" statements. They have begun organizing
>their medical histories without emphasis on past experiences that do not
>pertain to the current situation, even when the experiences are
>responsible for substantial emotional or physical injury. At times they
>intentionally omit information that may bring bias into the discussion.
>They are learning to seek clarity from caregivers: "What I heard you say
>"Med-line or Internet searches of symptoms, function loss and
>differential diagnosis from the past give patients new tools for
>communication and often help them begin to sort out what is not true for
>them, giving a little better organized history or picture."
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>I have included the above quotes in random order to hopefully interest
>you to begin to take charge of your own medical health concerns.

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