Re: been gone awhile

From: Bernie and Beverly Doucette (
Wed Jan 12 19:30:40 2000


Where do you live and was that report on a news cast or talk show or what, please? Thank-you for sharing that! Beverly

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> I just wanted to write to you all, we now have a new computer. Things
> are not any better here, and there is no surgery till the surgeons know
> it will work, and then it seems like the drs, here do not believe it. We
> were listening to the news, and it was on channel 12, that post surgical
> adhesions do cause women to have life long chronic pain from all of
> this. I am busy I will be back tomorrow morn, my son had to tell me how
> to get in here. Did not like web tv.
> Love you all
> Toni

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