To Tina Re;Hernias

From: Susan (
Mon Jan 10 17:03:38 2000

I don't know if this is the TIna that used to work for a GI Dr.but if not anyone feel free to jump in and offer any info.I had TAH,BSo,appendectomy 5/26 with a bikini incision over my C-section incision.Dr, found adhesions on all female organs and also took out appendix.I have pain under right rib pulling around to side.Sometimes I can feel food going through.Uncomfortable like muscles pulling.What are the symptom for either an intestinal or diaphragm hernia?Could adhesions be this far away from surgery?How are hernias diagnosed?I just had CT scan that was negative?But without contrast.Can you have Lap after abd.Hyst?I had a lot of Gastro test before Hyst. and they were all negative.THe only one I didn't have was barium enema and the one where they put the light down your throat.All my life I have hurt in this gallbladder area and all tests negative.I am afraid maybe I have some scarring from bad gallbladder or ulcer.Any info will be greatly appreciated.THanks Susan

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