Challenge yourself to be an informed consumer of your health care !! Many different topics!!

From: Helen Dynda (
Mon Jan 10 10:47:09 2000

*Other Online Resource* - All of these topics appear at the following web site address:


** WITSENDO - a moderated mailing list about endometriosis

** AMA website - some basic information on physicians

** Prescription Drug site - a good way to educate yourself about your medications

** How to Fight Your HMO (no longer available) -- Sorry! This website is no longer active; however, the following websites offer information about HMOs and can be accessed::

* Law Offices of Dr. David L. Trueman

* California Nurses Association

* Families USA Foundation

* Health Administration Responsibility Project (HARP)

* How to Play HMO Hardball

** Fight Back: When Your HMO Says No - a non-profit group with very helpful materials

** Latex Allergy - things you should know

** Adhesions - the Interceed site has lots of information

** Houston Endometriosis Association Support Group - one of the best support groups anywhere

** TV Documentary on Endometriosis

** Museum of Menstruation - everything you ever wanted to know

** Side Effects of Menstruation - from Pliny (menstruating women as insecticide)

** Findings: The Women's Healthcare Advocacy Service - connects with Sans Uteri for women with hysterectomies

** Power Surge for Menopause - we don't have hot flashes, we have power surges......

** OXEGENE study - is there an endometriosis gene?

** Fibromyalgia resources - FM is common among women with endometriosis

** Osteoporosis - GnRH analogs increase the risk

** PCOS - for women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

** Interstitial Cystitis - good resource for help with this bladder disorder

** Vulvodynia - information on these painful problems

** Thyroid information - and check out "Thyroid Fun Stuff" here

** INCIID Infertility information - lots of material here about fertility

** YOGA poses for your period - recommended for menstruating women

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