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From: Bernie and Beverly Doucette (
Sun Jan 9 11:44:45 2000

I think that Tina is correct hgere...Laura, will you help to organize a mass notification to some of the news media's mentioned here in this forum I would be happy to reciev e-mails to one of them and then take care of getting the mailing done. For example...I would take " Dateline " and all the letters that come in to my e-mail addressing our plight to Dateline, I will then send out all together. You could do the same for 20/20 and maybe helen could for...I don't know which ones are there...perhaps, " Good Morning America? But if therer was another memeber or two who would cover two other programs...lets do it! Also we will forward to TV talk shows like Sally or Murrary etc....I am in and available ...we would set a deadline date for February sometime as that would give memebers time to get writing and us tinme to get the letters organized and maild out on the same date from our respective locations and to the respective programs etc....I am ready and please...MEMBERS from all over the world...write and help this crusade in memeort of CHRISTINA! As time goes by,, it is all to easy for the human nature in us to take over and slip back into routine discussions and sharing and before we know it...we are again letting ourselves and our disease be put on the back burner!

I am in! We need to hear from Godfrey, Chris S. all who were once onhere and are out there somewhere..also...PLEASE go to the Quilt and get on that as I think that will at some time come in very handy in making a point about our disease. Bev

In stead of us getti

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From: Tina Shelby <> To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS <> Sent: Saturday, January 08, 2000 12:15 PM Subject: dateline 20/20

> Hi all,
> With the unfortunate death of Christine, and the scariness of how close
her > story is to many of ours as well, I hope as a group, we will be more
> pro-active in getting our story to the media.
> Have we decided which media group we want to mass mail our stories to? If
I > have missed it, I apologize for the repetitiveness.
> Thanks
> Tina

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