Re: Address of DATELINE

From: Bernie and Beverly Doucette (
Sun Jan 9 10:01:31 2000

Do what I did....printed out my e-mail and put in in the mail to them!! A little effort goes a long way! If they are unidated with mail...someone may realize we mean bussiness! Bev

>----- Original Message -----
From: Anne Hayashi <> To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS <> Sent: Sunday, January 09, 2000 10:36 AM Subject: Address of DATELINE

> To Cindy and ALL of You Who are Able to Write,
> I wrote to the talkback section of
> originally. Although they stated they would read each
> and every email submitted, a request came back that story
> requests be sent to the address listed in the previous
> email. I think if you send an email to the talkback area within
>, it will probably end up with the
> right decision makers, but again I do not know how
> efficient their bureaucracy is.

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