Address of Dateline NBC

From: Anne Hayashi (
Sat Jan 8 19:40:13 2000


I wrote this address once before requesting that all who were able, should write to DATELINE since their features on endo and fibromyalgia indicate that they may be receptive to doing a feature on ARD. This was before Christine's death. When I wrote last week, I tried to highlight some of the problems pelvic adhesions could cause, and that for those who wait research is excruciatingly slow. I ask once more that all of you who can write, do so now. I don't even think we need to coordinate. A collective voice can be many voices coming from many different locations on the map. However, I believe we need to do it now! If you feel you would like, write about this disease, write from any viewpoint you wish. Whatever comes from your heart will probably be enough to make a difference. I am not normally an activist, but this is a problem that must be highlighted now, and with as much reinforcement as we can muster. Once again the address is: Story Suggestions Dateline NBC Room 510 30 Rockefeller Plaza New York, New York 10112

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