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Fri Jan 7 13:50:13 2000

Your the best helen...are you too sitting at this PC? I just asked you to send out a mass mailing...I sent to my family and friends. most are non can pick up from there and send it out to everyone you know...the messgae my daughter wrote to the radoi talk show host...please send it to who ever or open forum or anyweherer...Chris did NOT die in vain...that is becoming evident..and she would have loved the idea that she was educating and helping her ARD family members...( and who knows, may she still is enjoying it!! ) Yeah, I like that thought..she IS enjoying her role in helping others....This is a wonderful tribute! And so many we speak to are NOT on the quilt..and it is so impressive, so meaning full..and am I so glad that therer are no more birth and death dates visible on our is enough for me!!! love Bev

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Bev, please accept my sympathy in the loss of your dear friend! I just read your beautiful tribute to Christine Buelteman at the Adhesions Quilt. Hopefully her death will not have been in vain. Perhaps in death she will be able to accomplish what she could not in life.

Christine had suffered for so many years from adhesions caused as a result of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) nine years ago. Over those 9 years she tried valiently to find help for herself; but was not able to find a doctor who would believe her - or a doctor who would give her the right kind of help.

Her adhesiolysis (surgery for adhesions) in October 1999 was the beginning of her declining health which led to the final surgery from which she was unable to survive - because of her very serious physical condition. Christine died on Tuesday January 6, 2000. May she now rest in peace!

In life - Christine was not able to find the help she desperately needed for her adhesion-related disease (ARD); but perhaps as a result of her untimely death, this will have an impact on people around the world - who post messages at the International Adhesions Society - to learn as much as they can about their medical condition and then take whatever steps are necessary to seek out the best medical/surgical help which is available to them!

"Knowledge is strength in a doctor/patient relationship!!"

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