Cholesterol information >> from American Heart Association

From: Helen Dynda (
Wed Jan 5 21:53:55 2000

Since the forum discussion has been about *high cholesterol*, here are some excellent web sites which will help you understand everything there is to know about cholesterol:

1.) CHOLESTEROL - The American Heart Association (AHA) - 1999

* AHA Scientific Position

* What is LDL cholesterol?

* What is HDL cholesterol?

* What is LP(a) cholesterol?

* What about cholesterol and diet?

* How does exercise (physical activity) affect cholesterol?

* How does cigarette/tobacco smoke affect cholesterol?

* How does alcohol affect cholesterol?

* See also in this A-Z Guide -- many other topics on cholesterol.

2.) * CHOLESTEROL: Knowledge behind your numbers -- 9/24/1998

3.) * Your Blood Test: What do those numbers mean? -- 9/24/1998

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