Re: Gastric Esophageal Reflux Disease or GERD

From: Bernie and Beverly Doucette (
Wed Jan 5 07:10:59 2000

Dear helen, I am currently on a medication for the GERD as that is the reason I finnaly went to the DR. He did give me that prescrition. He then called me and was very indignent about the cholesterol and that is what has turned me off to him! I was going right back to having to prove that my cholesterol was not a matter of what I was eating butcaused by something out of my control..I don't mind doing my own doctoring, but I do get fed up with having to almost argue with the DR. as to the reasons things are happening. I will admit that I was very seriously thinking of NOT going back for ANY medications, but you are is my responsibility to take care of what I can and not let thier lack of knowledge in this area of ARD get in the way! I will continue on medications...but I would very much like to have that PDR of medications from you..and thank-you Helen!

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> Bev, I suffered from GERD a few years ago. My symptoms presented as a
> burning pain in the central area of my chest. At the time, I actually
> thought the burning pain was heart-related; but thankfully I had a
> Physician Assistant who recognized what was causing the burning
> sensation and knew how to treat it.
> What was actually happening was stomach acid - which is very irritanting
> to the esophagus - was backing up into my lower esophagus. I am not too
> sure as to what caused this to happen in the first - perhaps being
> overweight had something to do with it. I know that it took several
> weeks of treatment before it no longer caused me problems.
> Bev, I am concerned that you are not taking medication for this. I do
> remember the names of the medications I was prescribed for GERD -
> Prilosec and Propulsid. I will send my list about presciption
> medication sites to the Forum - and then you will be able to learn more
> about these medications, Prilosec and Propulsid.

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