Prescription Drugs at: Healthtouch, PlanetRx, and RxList

From: Helen Dynda (
Tue Jan 4 20:18:33 2000

~~~~~~~~~~~~ ** Healthtouch ```````````````````````` 1. Click: Drug Information. 2. Enter name of medication - and click: Search. 3. Medication Search Results: click the name of the drug. 4. Easy to understand information about medication. <>

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ** `````````````````````````` At the upper left corner of the Planetrx web page: 1. Enter the name of the drug in the *Search* box and click: Go. 2. Scroll down to and click the name and strength of the drug. 3. Just below: Learn More - click: *Introduction* <

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ** RxList - The Internet Drug Index: `````````````````````````````````````````````````````` 1. Enter name of drug. 2. Click: Search for Drug Name 3. Scroll down to: Your RxList Search Results. 4. Click: Search for *name of drug* patient information. 5. Click: *name of drug* (shown in blue). 6. Scroll down to and read: Patient Monograph about *the drug.* <>

~~~~~~~~ ** You can use the same steps to search for information about other drugs.** ~~~~~~~~

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