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From: Helen Dynda (
Tue Jan 4 12:21:29 2000

Sorry! This website is no longer active.Unfortunately, Mary Halm's web site - known as "How To Fight Your HMO" - is no longer on the Internet; but it is quite possible that you will find "information about how to effectively deal with managed care" at the web sites, which are listed below - just click on the word, shown in blue.

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Sorry! This website is no longer active. (This is the title of this site.)

You've probably reached this URL because you want information about how to effectively deal with managed care. Unfortunately, the "How to Fight Your HMO" site has discontinued its presence on the Internet. The Managed Care Reform Movement has been discontinued also. Perhaps the following websites will provide the information you're looking for: Law Offices of Dr. David L. Trueman

California Nurses Association

Families USA Foundation

Health Administration Responsibility Project (HARP)

How to Play HMO Hardball -

How to Play HMO HARDBALL, teaches patients how to prevent and reverse the wrongful denial of necessary healthcare by HMOs and their doctors. The Patient Pressure System provides patients with easy-to-use, fill-in-the blanks forms that create documents to win appeals, arbitrations and lawsuits. HMOs and their doctor groups know that documents are the key to winning. Their lawyers use the "poison pen" to make sure they have their documents lined up against patients. The "antidote" is for patients to have their own documents to cause sufficient pressure to force their HMOs and their doctors to help them and do the right thing.

We're sorry for the inconvenience.

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