Re: Cholestrol count & Adhesions? Any relationship?

From: Bernie and Beverly Doucette (
Tue Jan 4 09:36:39 2000

I went to my PCP last Tuesday and had a blood workup done. When the cholesterol count came back it was 280. He called me suggesting that I go on a low cholestrol diet and sent out the information regarding that diet!

During our phone converstion, which was short, he made this comment: " Now that you have had surgery, your going WAY overboard on eating!!" I was taken back on that for a moment, but then it struck me so funny as to what he must be thinking of me and my eating habits! I visualize him thinking of me sitting on the couch all day eating BON BON's and potatoe chips WITH dip and then three scopes CHOCOLATE ice cream with fudge topping and of course...crushed peanuts!! Oh yeah...whoppers and fries for a snack in between that!!!

I did not explain my eating habits to him at that time nor do I plan on doing that either. Here is the reason I will not waste my time debating what he thinks on this issue: Why would I think he would believe me in the first place and would he really care. I don't think so! He had made that comment based on his preconceived idea as to the cause of my cholesetrol count, so why bother. One thing about a DR..they know it all don't they?

I will however share my eating habits with you, my friends as it accured to me after talking with another ARD meber who also has a cholesterol count of 350 that there MIGHT be some sort of relationship can't really know if there is, but I am curious as to this. Do you blame me?

Granted, since my surgery in New York eight months past, I have had little to no adhesion pain or associated symptoms. Good bowel movements and have no problems doing any physical activities..I cannot run around very well, but I coulnd't do that before surgery anyway!! Heck, I'm nearly 50 years old and I went snow sledding the other day..ached like heck for two days but that had nothing to so with adhesions or surgery!! ( probably due to cholesterol count though, them lipids packing the 'ol ateries you know must be a LOT of them in my LEGS!!! :-)

I do however suffer from GASTRIC REFLUX. meaning that nearly everything I eat causes me to vomit or suffer a heartburn type discomfort of my esophogus and stomach. This is due to having to take so many pills over a four and a half year period prior to my surgery..22 pills in a 24 hour period over 4 1/2 that is enough to blow out anyones guts!! I have NOT been able to eat "normal " since the surgery last April and had not eaten " normal " for years before the surgery..and my count was elevated at that time as well.

I have been eating and currently eating a very simple diet and to keep track of what I am eating doesn't take tio much effort to remember so I don't even write it down.. Breakfast: Jello or oatmeal.( .no milk as I am Lactose intolerant ) Lunch: Jar baby food ( mostly fruits as the main meals cause reflux symptoms) And only one jar not two or three. Dinner: Rice, jello sherbert sometimes yogart or mashed potatoes ( no butter ) I confess that I really did have some ice cream for dinner at times...but not THAT much!!!!

I cannot drink tea or coffee....once in a great while a coca -cola that will last untill the fizz is gone as i lay the can down everywhere I go in the house that by the time i find it to take a sip or so, it's flat! ( but I am so used to it tasting like that it makes no difference to me anymore! )

I NEVER eat chips, snacks, bakery, fast foods, meat or vegtables and as I read the diet of things NOT to eat...not only did I NOT eat the bad foods listed, I didn't even eat the good foods listed!

Am I not saying that my diet is NOT the cause of the high count, but I am highly doubful it is caused by overeating the high cholesterol foods. But what is going on here?

I do know that Chris B. ( the aforementioned friend with ARD ) was in the hospital for 31 days with feeding tubes due to a very severe case of Gastirc Reflux and even though she was receiving into her body a very regimented and monitored nourishment suppliment...her cholesterol count went up over 300!! Trust me on this one, my friends...not once during that time did SHE enjoy a big 'ol slobbering whopper or ice cream sundea to blame that increase on!!

We know that the body can produce choleserol on its own by producing the LDL cholesterol, not the HDL cholesterol....that is all done in the liver. Now being that I showed some liver toxicity prior to my adhesiolysis in April and that was due to a medication toxicity. Any cnnection I wonder? Ask a DR? Nay..what would they know!

I am asking if any of you who suffer ARD have shown an increase in your cholesterol counts NOT due to over eating fat saturated foods etc...just curiuos..but it will not really make any differnce as to me as I will retest in six months and then if this reamins above 130..I'll demand a medication for it, just what I want after being on 22 pills a start stacking up the bottles again..but what you gonna do! Gotta go as the BON BON's are melting and the donuts just arrived from the bakery ) ( BIG orders here!! )

I look forward to hearing from any of you on this issue! God bless us all...

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