pelvic wall muscles can cause pain

From: Jaynie (
Tue Jan 4 08:38:38 2000

Hi, Jaynie here. Haven't been around much had company over Holidays and just haven't felt well. I know you all know what I mean. Anyways GOOD NEWS. I went to see Dr. Barbara Levy, member of "Womens Surgery Group". It took me a month to get all my questions in order. Assuming when the gel came out I would be having another surgery.I told her about my pain with urinating, sex, where my pain was ect. And she said no more surgery for me. What is wrong with me is a tight PELVIC FLOOR MUSCLE. And has sent me to a P.T. that specializes in this treatment. can't get in till Jan. 25th. I guess this can happen from trauma, such as surgery or sexual abuse ect. Also 90% of her pelvic pain patients are heavy smokers ! I have wanted to quit for years, my Doc. always said it wasn't a good time.Well there is always going to be deaths and hopefully not pain in our lives. So there is no good time. I'm ready since 2 years ago when this all started I have really been smoking alot. She said she has seen lots of women that have adhesions and endo that have no pain. I'll let you know how it goes. If you have urinary stress, urge or incontinence. pelvic pain constipation , prolaspe symtoms or had painful periods. You may have atight pelvic floor.Endo.and recurrent bladder infections could be a cause also. It is all because the normal responce to pain includes muscle bracing around the painful region to "guard" it. Symtoms include vage, diffuse lower abdominal or sharp rectal pain. Pain with PAP smears or tampons or sex. Trouble initiating a urine stream, constipation, or pain with prolonged sitting may also be noticed. Treatments: instuction on pelvic relaxation principles as well as exercises. Heat, massage, utra sound and biofeedback. They have sensors that can tell you your awareness of these muscles and if they are tight or weak. It does involve going into the vagina and maybe anus. Still better than surgery. They say it is gentle and painless. I doubt that!!! I'll keep in touch. I believe I did not need any operations, this is probably why I always had painful periods. THANKS MY FRIENDS FOR LISTENING JAYNIE

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